VoIP Phones

As companies proceed to transition from classic phone board systems (e.g. ISDN / BRI) they also have to replace their old desk phones. Modern VoIP telephones come in all sorts of sizes, cost and functionality. Not every phone fits every type of work environment. That is why we will highlight here a few types of phones that are ideal in the given scenarios.

While working on Projects for our corporate and government clients we have come to identify a set of manufacturers and devices that provide a reliable system at a price that will deliver longevity. Buying a phone system not only leads to a purchase price but also to an operational cost. Systems that are often incompatible or designed for consumers will lead to high maintanance costs.

We focus on manufacturers and device models we know are fitting into the eco system of mid size and large enterprises. They will work well in large offices, boatyards, regional sales hubs, call centers, universities, hotels and even in security sensitive areas. Every phone must be a perfect fit for the intended task, otherwise we will not trust its ability in satisfying our valuable clients.


Which VoIP Phone will fit my work environment?

Professional VoIP Desk Phones?

When you look at VoIP Desk Phones you will notice that some have beautiful colour displays and others just have a monochrom screen. Hotel VoIP phones are usually slim with limited amount of preset buttons and that small grey display.

In a regular work environment you do need more helpful settings than in a hotel phone. the larger your organisation the more important phone conversation becomes. It doesn’t matter if you do a lot of internal or external calls. Even if you receive calls most of the time and seldom make outbound calls, you will an efficient and reliable phone at your reach.

There is a good reason why HD audio quality is given credit for being one of the most important factors in gaining new clients. It is difficult to solve a customer complaint when both sides have difficulty understanding each other. A great deal can be lost by silly misunderstandings.


There are many work scenarios where combining a VoIP desk phone with a  DECT VoIP Phone. Before going deeper into any kind of set up you should first get an understanding why the outdated DECT Phones of the millenium is a far distant relation to modern DECT phones using VoIP technology. The base stations are now part of networks and allow for greater variety of features. Traditionally, you will find DECT phones in factories, GP offices and even in boat yards. These phones suffered from blackouts and limited usability.

Todays DECT VoIP solutions deliver a mobile communication platform that benefits companies with a variety of space concepts.There you will see how powerful a well configured IT network integrates with a universal communication management system comprising of a array of powerful devices.


Depending on the intended usage and its environment, one has to pick the right DECT system and structure. Based on our projects in large spacial environments such as on boat yards, factory facilities, hotels and universities, we realized that only a few systems are actually capable of handling such complex environments that require  Mobility, Reach and Sustainability.

Even in multi story offices or large ware houses DECT phones need a multitude of cells. In order to get this right, you do need to invest some time into planing such a DECT multi cell infrastrukture. We highly recommend also to add cells in steps as every spacial environment will have different kind of building materials that absorb the DECT signal. 

You can use a multitude of DECT base stations and several daisy chains comprising of DECT Repeaters. Nevertheless, it can be quite tricky as adding repeaters reduces the amount of supported DECT stations, repeaters and phones. 

The core benefit of using a multi cell DECT system is that you can move across each cell border without losing your call. The systems automatically manage the hand over and the person you are talking to will never notice any loss of line or reduced sound quality. If you overstrech your DECT cell layout you will have to expect a loss of cell reliability.

Call Center VOIP Phones

Any professional Call Center and Sales Team needs to have a very different type of phone compared to an employee in an administrative department. Sales people want a phone solution that helps them close deals and increase sales. 

Great sales people use their voice and the unseen body language to convince a 2nd party of their position. Thereby, they move leads to sign orders and turn fleeing clients onto their greatest door openers.

Emotions do have a great impact in sales. Well trained sales people use tactics like story telling or objection handling and primed questions to steer a buyer towards a definate buying commitment.


Have a look at the image below where you can see a sales agent having a great conversation with a lead that has agreed to buy now. He is not having to deal with unreliable and uncomfortable headsets. He is using a VoIP Wireless Headset in combination with a VoIP desk phone that is optimized for sales conversations.

Agents always have their inbound and outbound calls under control. They can easily switch from one recipient to the next. They even transfer calls to their team members who continue the conversation with the lead. It does not matter if you prefer to close deals standing, walking or even sitting. You are performing at your best with this powerful but also affordable wireless headset solution.

Don’t be cheap on yourself by buying sub-quality equipment and expecting to close deals sounding like a cat in a tin can! Great HD audio quality makes you likeable, that your client wants to through at you more money than your wanted to ask for. You want also to make sure the equipment can be easily maintained and kept up to date without losing valuable calling hours. Not being able to make a call costs you money. 


Typical problems people experience with VoIP phones

Not every phone on the market is well designed to fit with a business PBX system. The greater the network complexity the greater a nightmare it becomes to support phones that are traditionally sold in electronics & HiFi shops. Too often these phones lack in IT Security, User friendliness, maintainability and longterm cost. Using such cosumer rated VOIP Phones leads to technical issues, system failueres and frustrated users.

This is why we have made a commitment to focus on manufacturers and equipment we can trust to be maintainable and reliable in the different kind of client environments. We currently include in this list of systems we supply to clients following brands: Auerswald, Fanvil, Grandsteam and Snom.