VoIP Telephone Systems in SME & Holdings

Do businesses really need to move to VoIP Telephone Systems when we can use Smartphones and Messenger bots? Let's be realistic! The current situation of providers switching off their ISDN Technology is a reality all medium to large companies across Europe are now having to deal with. The pandemic and brexit have caused enough suffering in Europe.

So if you are used to sending a fax to your clients, suppliers or contacts even outside your country? Then you are in for a nasty surprise. Providers are also getting rid of fax services. They hate this stone age technology. You must admit, nobody has been infected by a fax. Plenty of emails come into company systems with very destructive viruses and ransomware. A fax is just a sheet of printed paper. That fax will not bite you.

Wouldn't it be nice to solve these pains mentioned above and improve your way of making phone calls at the same time? 

Using virtual phone systems you get the best from modern VoIP Telecommunication. Besides, even if you decide to move your busines to a new location, or do get bitten, you can continue working from your home office. Even flooding can not hurt your VoIP PBX, as it is safely tucked away in the cloud. You can use it on the road, too! Install the phone app on your iPhone or Android. You can make calls with the car's hand free speaker system. If the pub is quiet you can even make a call from there, as nobody would notice the difference. 

Hey, don't walk away! You do not need to be a huge corporation to use such a phone system. Our flexible plans allow you to scale as your business changes. 

We have been helping businesses in the UK and Mainland Europe to solve their technical challenges. Our clients are SMEs, big brands and a varierty of European hidden Champions (Thats you?). Our expertise also allows  government institutions and Universities across Europe to serve the public at its best.

Calling safely your Cloud

Making calls is faster than with the old ISDN systems. Managing the Security in the cloud also ensures business continuity. Most servicing does not require technicians stuck in traffic jams.

Cross Country PBX

Not having to rely on PBX boxes oin offices you can unify your entire regionally dispersed organisation in one PBX. Using multiple SIP Trunks from many regional carriers is no longer an issue.

Make calls on the road

While travelling on business or visiting clients you can make calls using your smartphone or your car's hads free speaker system. You do not need to reveal your mobile phone number so that your contacts can reach you during your trip.

Why switch to VoIP?


Wouldn't it be great to be able to make business calls without having to battle with your phone devices? Old analogue and ISDN systems not only cost you a lot of emotional energy but also business opportunities.

Even if you are not sure if your company will benefit from this VoIP technology, you could take the time to inform yourself about the pros and cons.

There is a nice book explaining the most important aspects from the perpective of managers and engineers. You will be able to better align your priorities and needs to what this telepohne systems can do for your midsized business, global enterprise or government facility. 


  • Our Strategies help busineses streamline their operations.
  • Individual analysis of current situation, needs and opportunties.
  • Great cost benefit and highly customized advice stand out from the crowd.
  • High Certification levels and special expertise (IT Security, Virtualisation, Routing).
  • Managing of the VoIP Telephone systems helps businesses reduce maintenance issues.
  • Security and Confidentiality of bisness data. Cloud locations include Frankfurt & London.  

How cloud based telephone systems and Edge Computing help streamline your business?

Use VoIP Telephone Systems more efficiently through focused advice,  visionary technology and our own SIP Trunk Infrastructure

ACATO GmbH - Telecommunication Team

Why should Analogue and ISDN be replaced by VOIP Phone Systems now?

Virtual VoIP Telephone Systems

Use several regional phone numbers

You only need now 1 VoIP PBX that supplies all your locations with connectivity. The VoIP system can handle multiple regionale Numbers and SIP Trunks.

Integrate VoIP with Business Software

Advance your call habits by connecting your phone system with the company's CRM. You gain greater flexibility and efficiency as data is there when you need it.

Making calls while travelling?

You can accept incoming calls or dail numbers as if you were in your office. No more pain trying to connect your car phone system with the company PBX. Make the calls without having to reveal your personal phone number.

Video Coference without extra cost?

It shouldn't be so complicated to arrange a conference call. You can easily use the voIP Dashboard to arrange the next telephone/video conference. No 3rd party licenses! Your next presentation runs on the virtual PBX without complicated software installations.

Use your personal phone diary smarter!

It is much easier to use a Browser to keep personal contacts up to date and to call them. You just need to pick the device you want to use to make the call (e.g., VoIP Desk Phone, iPhone or MacBook).

Large company premises are great to talk

Companies with several office building, warehouses, or open space make use of our VOIP based DECT Solutions. Complex multi cell networks give good coverage. This way engineers and workers are reachable at all times.

Load balancing for Sales and Call Centres

Automatically distributing incomming calls reduces the strain on Call Centre and Sales Teams. This smart system empowers agents to work smarter.

Scale the phone system as you go?

companies grow, merge and move. Our phone technology allows clients to adjust their communication to their changing needs. Adding more users or voice channels will not require new hardware. It is done on the same day.

New insights into business communication?

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Cloud Phone Systems Help Europe communicate in a better way

We are truely a multi cultural business. ACATO GmbH is based in Munich and has local facilities in several European Capitals (e.g. London, Warsaw, Amsterdam). We help small medium sized enterprises and global corporations to communicate in a more efficient and secure way

Our cloud based systems  are ahead of the competition that still believes in outdated hardware.

We know that investing time into understanding the core requirments of our client organisations, enables us to engineer for them the optimum cloud based VoIP telephone system. We help them to cut drastically overseas phone bills.

Our services not only provide great benefits but also allow to use financial instruments such as equipment leasing.

Our client list includes great brands (e.g. Linde, Audi, McDonalds, Zweckform, …), renound Universities (TUM, …), large hospitals (MRI, …) and government authorities (BSI, Customs, German CID & FBI BKA) and the armed forces.

Modern PBX systems improve the way business leaders and employees communicate. The world has changed its style of doing business. Instead of being frustrated, jump to be ahead of the pack.

So many of your competitors still try to do things the old style and wonder why their clients are buying elsewhere.

You can make calls in a very professional way. Sound quality can be a deal killer. So focus on how you call your leads and customers. 

It is time to get rid of the old phone systems. Even if you are based in Sheffield, Düsseldorf, Stockholm or Almelo we will get you to enjoy your new phone system.